Property round-up: 12 Nov 18

We’re back!

Welcome everyone to the new-look Property Association website. We’re back with a new site and some hot new properties as well. For now, let’s have a look at the latest in property news.

First up - BankWest have cut rates for investors. Note the below from the article though. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the coming months.

In October, Bankwest raised its reference rates for owner-occupiers and investors by 15 basis points

You may have missed this as it only appeared on the paywalled sites, but this week treasurer Josh Frydenberg has asked the banks to ‘ease up’ on lending restrictions. Read here for an interesting analysis.

Meanwhile, a lot of people feel that the Reserve Bank is not showing enough concern about the market.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is not worried about the housing market; not one bit. That is the message hidden in the RBA governor’s decision to keep interest rates on hold this week. The central bank call is not about to step in to stop prices falling — not yet, anyway

Whilst auction clearance rates did drop again this week, it’s good to see some non-sensationalised news on the market, with this article suggesting that our markets might follow the Canadian market, which recently saw drops but not a crash.

The mood within our office is still optimistic. We have recently started selling two projects which we are really excited to show you. The first is Asha in Westmead, and the other one is North Residences in Liverpool. These are two areas with huge infrastructure spending about to happen, located within or near Sydney’s 2nd and 3rd CBD respectively. Both are due for 2020 completion, a year we see as being dominated by growth. If you’d like to know why we think now is the time to buy off-the-plan, have a read here.

Have a great week!