Property news - new year's eve 2018 edition

So, who is glad to see the back of 2018?

Well, be careful what you wish for as they say, because who knows what 2019 will bring? At least this Melbourne based article from tries to give it a positive spin,

‘Homebuyers are set to have their best crack at Melbourne property in 30 years in 2019. But despite gloomy forecasts for sellers, there are already signs a future boom could be building’

Some more positive property news, Sydney saw some great property records made this year.

‘There are at least 25 Sydney suburb records confirmed this year, all of which are in prestige areas, with the oceanfront beach suburbs and trophy estates of the eastern suburbs dominating the list.’

For those that are already thinking about investing, here is a newly released report on Australia’s most in-demand suburbs. From Property Update, a good forecast for 2020: Property predictions for 2021 revealed

From the article:

‘In short… we’re in for a soft landing with further price falls in the short term and the stabilising real estate values.

I’m calling it a soft landing because there are very few forced sales at present, and only recently (December 2018) APRA have lifted their restrictions on interest only loans to investors and the RBA Governor has encouraged the banks to lend more.

Finally, here are some tips for 2019 from the team at AFR.

Happy new year everyone!