Property news round up Apr 18

Prices will drop! Prices will go up! The market will crash! No crash will occur! Whatever the message, it's hard to escape the topic of the short term market direction. And it's dominating property headlines this week.

Last week, several reports (we noted a couple here) were released offering projections for the market, and each had differing direction. Since then, Morgan Stanley has also released their version of events. If you'd like to read a good analysis of these, have a read of this piece by Michael Yardney.

In other news, Darwin and Hobart are revealed to have the best rental yields, and there's good news if you're looking to enter the luxury property market which is apparently bearing the brunt of the downturn.

Meanwhile, a new trend has emerged, no doubt due to people trying to maximise returns on their largest asset - their home. Check out Sydney's laneway granny flats on Domain.

Have a great week everyone!