Property News Round Up Apr 25

Welcome to this weeks' property news round up! This bit of news and its significance may have eluded a few of you. While we fretted over busts and oversupply, Sydney had more than 100,000 people move in during 2017.

Why is this great news? Because in addition to helping the economy, it also signals that your long term investment prospects will not be hurt by the myth of oversupply. For as long as the city continues to grow, housing will be needed in Sydney to keep up with the population growth.

More to the recent conflicting reports about what lies ahead. It seems that majority vote is on the negative, with most economists agreeing there are more (albeit small) declines in store, and property professionals asking, when will the 'bottom picking' investors start buying?

It seems that there is a reliance on investors to re-invigorate the market, with APRA announcing this week that it would end the cap on property investor loan growth. Property investors who are in it for the long haul are definitely the winners in the current environment.

In other news - we are excited about the launch of our new video! Check it out on Youtube.