Property News Round Up April 10

This week in property news, prices still dominate discussions, but opinions are divided on how the market will play out, with a few different opinions on which direction prices will take. According to AFR who have cited an AMP report (and data from Core Logic) prices will go down $1000 a week and decreases will continue into 2019. However, they do maintain a crash is unlikely. This information was also picked up by the team at

Others are feeling more optimistic.

Domain, sourcing ANZ data, are suggesting that we may have weathered the worst of it. goes even further and suggests now is the time to buy before the rises start.

We like to call it 'market stabilisation'.

And whilst the experts battle it out over what's to come, platforms which are democratising home ownership, such as Kohab are being questioned.

This, despite an apparent lack of property interest as AFR announces buyers are 'thin on the ground'.

In the smaller and better performing markets, it looks like the spotlight is on Ballarat this week.

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